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We see a world where good businesses succeed: Home enterprises, Small businesses, Makers, reUsers, Social Enterprise, NFPs, Volunteer organisations, Sharers, Recyclers. This is a world of diversity and choice, where anyone with a great idea can make a difference and where delivery does not have an impact on the planet – this is why all our deliveries are 100% Carbon Neutral.

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Who are the people behind Sendle?

Sendle was founded in 2014 by James Chin Moody, Sean Geoghegan and Craig Davis and is backed by investors including NRMA. It is also Australia's first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and Australia's first certified technology B Corporation.
James Chin Moody, CEO

James ChinC. Moody CEO

Sean Geoghegan, CTO

Sean Geoghegan CTO

Craig Davis, CMO

Craig Davis CMO

Kohei Nishiyama, Co-Founder

Kohei Nishiyama Co-Founder

It is so inspiring to work with an amazing team that is committed to making a difference in the world. Together we are building something that we hope will be both useful and enjoyable, and I love that we are enabling new and small businesses to flourish. When I’m not at Sendle I can be found spending time with family, jogging, snowboarding, reading or thinking about Sendle.


I started as the lone developer at Sendle, a role that was very familiar to me. In the last year the team has grown rapidly which has provided me with a lot of new responsibilities. I love that I'm now involved in such a wide variety of things at Sendle, from strategic business decisions, to project planning, application architecture and development. And more importantly, I have people much wiser than me to help with all those things.


They say that when you love what you do it’s not work anymore. It’s like that for me at Sendle, we’re building something with purpose and vision that’s changing things for the better. And I get to do it with people who I like and respect, and who make me laugh every day. At other times I’m running, riding, swimming and yoga-ing in an attempt to stay fit enough to keep up with my wife, three kids and clever dog Diesel.


There’s a big trend towards small batch production and mass customisation. These small MAKER businesses are looking for an innovative logistics solution that suits their model, and that’s why Sendle is so exciting. It’s a delivery service that’s designed for the future. As an inventor and designer I love creating truly disruptive innovation. When I’m not doing that, I’m a big fan of LEGO and am busy building a robot as a hobby.

Imogen Baxter, Head of Communications

Imogen Baxter Head of Communications

Luke Freeman, Marketing Manager

Luke Freeman Marketing Manager

Taryn East, Senior Developer

Taryn East Senior Developer

Angela Trinidad

Angela Trinidad Customer Happiness Team Leader

Sendle makes working life a joy. We're building something that helps people get stuff done, and to do that alongside such talented, funny people is a real privilege. When I’m not Sendling, I’m getting too competitive at board games, enjoying epic conversations with Uber drivers, reading good books or tracking down the perfect cuppa tea.


Working at Sendle has been a wonderful experience. It's a rare and amazing feeling to work with incredibly kind, good-humoured, and highly skilled colleagues. It's very satisfying to build something that you know should exist in the world. When I'm not working you can find me cycling ultra-distances, listening to podcasts, travelling, playing music, reading, brewing beer or spending time with my family and friends.


I am a long-term web developer and geek for life. I love the collaborative, thoughtful working environment at Sendle and love using my Ruby-on-rails experience to make sending a joy. When I'm not at work, I love brewing mead, chasing zombies, contributing to dev communities and discovering my new backyard in the Blue Mountains.


I’m in a happy place - I love what I do and I love the people I work with - it’s why working for Sendle is so fulfilling. The Sendle team has such an awesome support system, everyone gives their best which keeps me motivated and inspired at work. It's a great environment for exponential learning and fun all day, everyday. It also allows me to keep a work-life balance so I can hit the gym, go running or cycling, box, read, cooking at home with family, or see my friends after work.

Ryan Pauley, Developer

Ryan Pauley Developer

Chelsea Robb, Senior Developer

Chelsea Robb Senior Developer

Eva Schaller, Customer Happiness Manager

Eva Schaller Head of Support

Jason Stirk, Senior Developer

Jason Stirk Lead Engineer

The idea underlying Sendle – using existing infrastructure to make a great product better – intrigued me from the start. The fact that I also get to work with and learn from some of the best developers in the country is a fantastic bonus. It's a blast to be part of this team! I'm an avid hiker and cyclist and spend my mornings wandering Canberra's mountains among the kangaroos.


I enjoy working with the Sendle team because everyone is fantastic at what they do, and they care about that. As a team we're supported in doing everything we can to ensure we're providing a useful service that will actually help people, and doing it well. Outside business hours I'm usually cooking, riding motorbikes, or working on my farm.


After travelling for a year I moved to Australia where I was hoping to find a company that could offer me an inspiring purpose with personal growth.
Joining Sendle has given me both of these, as well as being part of a team where everyone shows their passion and dedication every day, which makes the goal of creating the best customer experience possible even more fun.
When not thinking about parcels, I enjoy working out, reading, cooking and trying a wide range of wines.


The Sendle team are some of the most talented people I have had the privilege to work with, and I love that every day we’re making it easier for people to get stuff done in the real world. In my spare time I study Japanese, code and play simulation games, and enjoy camping and hiking.


Yohann Cerdenia Customer Happiness Champion


Porsh Sideco Customer Happiness Champion

Hoy Yen Hooper

Hoy Yen Hooper Head of Commercial Operations

Michelle Bautista

Michelle Bautista Customer Happiness Champion

I am happy to be part of a team that has unparalleled advocacy for customer happiness. Sendle gave me the opportunity to make one of my life goals come true, and that is to make someone happy everyday. I am privileged to take part of this exciting and amazing journey towards customer happiness!


What I love about sendle? The 5Hs! I’m grateful to be part of a team that is humble, honest, happy, hungry plus high achievers. A company like no other, Sendle just made delivery service more convenient and environmental friendly in Australia.
Outside Sendle, I enjoy travelling, listening to R&B Music, spending time with my friends & family and playing with our Jack Russell Terrier Dogs.


I love being part of Sendle. People at Sendle are talented, committed individuals, and they all have a wicked sense of humour! The ultimate bonus is knowing that you can get a good cup of coffee out this way! Besides work, I enjoy researching my next holiday destinations and spending time doing fun stuff with my daughter, Jazmine and helping my husband with his online venture.


There's never a dull moment working at Sendle! From the amazing, multi-talented individuals I work with, to helping customers with their deliveries or coming up with ideas to make their lives easier, it's been a great experience. Aside from spreading happiness to customers and, at the same time looking after Mother Earth, I read books, explore other places and spend time with my family and friends.

Mariel Orticio

Mariel Orticio Customer Happiness Champion

Miguel Luis Laserna

Miguel Luis Laserna Customer Happiness Champion

Gabriel Torello

Gabriel Torello Senior Developer

Daniel Paul, Network & Operations Analyst

Daniel Paul Network & Operations Analyst

Sendle is such a powerhouse team! I feel so honoured working each day with such amazing and innovative individuals who are dedicated to make customers happy. When I'm not making parcels go from A to B, I visit museums, stroll around parks, or hunt for the best cheesecake in town.


Only the best company I've ever worked with! The employees and management team are very genuine and supportive, new ideas are encouraged and implemented, and the environment is very uplifting. The culture is very positive which, in my opinion, is the most significant factor that makes Sendle a great place to work.
When I'm not helping Sendle customers, I train heavily in the gym and on the olympic track (for my races), explore new food establishments, maybe get a new tattoo, or have my car tuned up.


I believe that working with the best is the only way of growing and learning; something I can certainly do among the outstanding professionals at Sendle. Working here means that every day turns into an exciting challenge and an amazing thinking experience.
During the day I enjoy simplifying the quite complex business that involves sending parcels with code. When the evening comes, I spend time working out, reading and playing the guitar. Because I love what I do I usually feel like writing more code, even when relaxing after a workday.


Sendle has one of the best work environments I have ever had the privilege to work in. Everyone is always in a great mood and super friendly. Sendle might not be a global company yet, but you just know it will be someday. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, travelling, watching Sci-Fi and Anime, as well as studying Dutch and Fitness.

Matthew Felix, Customer Happiness Champion

Matthew Felix Customer Happiness Champion

Eric Auld, Head of Product Design

Eric Auld Head of Product Design

Raffy Cantillo, Customer Happiness Champion

Raffy Cantillo Customer Happiness Champion

Dave Amorin, Customer Happiness Champion

Dave Amorin Customer Happiness Champion

I love that Sendle cares for both customers and its employees. The culture is great, everyone is very supportive. It has really helped me to grow as a person. I am very passionate about music and so outside of Sendle I play drums in a band and I love to sing as well. I also love running and riding my bike.


I love creating simple and rewarding customer experiences so that people can do what they enjoy – rather than worry about parcels. Outside of work, I like the adventure of Mountain Biking and Rock Climbing in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.


At Sendle, I have the opportunity to work with passionate people who always want to make a difference with what they do. Everyone will definitely challenge you to grow and develop with them. When I'm not at work, I enjoy cooking, travelling and spending quality time with my wife.


I love the fact that with Sendle, I’m always challenged to go outside of my comfort zone which helps me grow a lot at work and as a person. On top of this, I’m supported by wonderful colleagues who make sure I’m not outside of my depth. Outside of work, I play Online Games and manage my Internet Cafe.

Andrew Lawrence, Business Development Manager

Andrew Lawrence Business Development Manager

Michelle Ives, Business Development Manager

Michelle Ives Business Development Manager

Kristoffer Li, Customer Happiness Champion

Kristoffer Li Customer Happiness Champion

Patrick Rowse, Business Development Manager

Patrick Rowse Business Development Manager

I love working with Sendle. Each day we work towards making the lives of people easier while providing a viable, environmentally sustainable logistics service. This, mixed with a team of talented, professional and fun people equals the perfect working environment. Outside of Sendle, I'm passionate about photography, reading, writing, watching movies and spending quality time with my partner.


Sendle is essentially just a bunch of committed, clever and hilarious humans who challenge the status quo, make things happen and get people listening. When I’m not making logistics cool again I can be found reading, riding horses, watching the ASX way too closely or heading somewhere 40,000 feet in the air.


Working in a happy place like Sendle is one of the many reasons I love it here. We are always challenged to grow out of our comfort zone while having fun and I enjoy feeling sure that you are supported by everyone. I normally spend my time playing online games and reading fictional books to feed my creative and childish mind.


I love being part of a company that is changing the landscape of logistics and proving that environmental sustainability and commerce can walk hand in hand. When you are surrounded by happy, fun, engaged and driven people work is not work, it is a joy! When I am not at Sendle, you can find me skiing, surfing, reading and playing music.


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